Safe Seniors Home Care is there for your loved one when you can’t be. We know that companionship is often worth more than any medical intervention and can be more effective than any other medicine or therapy out there.

Too often seniors suffer depression, isolation and loneliness as side effects of their aging process. Companionship is critical to keep seniors’ minds engaged, bodies engaged and hearts involved. Companionship also ensures that seniors stay on task with exercise regimens, medication schedules, appointments and eating regularly.

Our companion services includes a broad range of activities designed to engage, socialize, entertain and enliven. These can include:
●    Conversation
●    Reading
●    Writing
●    Games
●    Crafts
●    Playing cards
●    Walking
●    Planning
●    Cooking and serving meals
●    Baking of holidays and special occasions
●    Assistance with entertaining
●    Medication and appointment reminders
●    Appointment escorts
●    Assistance visiting friends and neighbors
●    Shopping
●    Attending events, plays, religious services and more