Quality care built on trust, experience

Quality care is built on a foundation of trust and transparency, and for this reason we encourage you to ask lots of questions. For your convenience, we’ve provided answers to some of the questions that we’re asked most frequently.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly with questions of your own. Everyone’s situation and needs are unique. We look forward to talking with you about how Safe Seniors Home Care could be the right solution for you and your family.

Does my health plan cover the cost for services?

Your health plan may cover some of the costs, depending on your health plan coverage and the services required. Your health plan provider can tell you more about your specific coverage.

Can I pick the services I want?

Yes! You can select the services you want. You are the customer and you tell us what will best meet your needs.

Are your employees insured?

Yes, all of our employees are screened so that they can be insured.

Do I get to select the person who looks after me?

Yes! If for any reason you do not like the match we made, you can help us select a better employee match for you.

Are all of your employees nurses?

Some of our employees are nurses and some are trained caregivers. We match the employee’s training to best fit your needs.

Are your employees trained?

Yes! Most of our employees have specific training in a health discipline or have been trained internally. Our employees are encouraged to continue their education and training throughout their employment with us so our team is consistently offering you top-of-the-line skills and training.

What happens if my caregiver gets sick?

If your Safe Seniors Home Care caregiver is sick, you can cancel the appointment or allow us to send a replacement caregiver. The choice is yours.

Is Safe Seniors Home Care only available in the home?

No! We can provide our services to you whether you live at home, at a senior living complex or are staying at a health care facility. We will come to you where you need us most.