Housekeeping may be one of the first things to hit the backburner as we age and more effort is required to take care for ourselves and our loved ones. Whether it’s due to medical conditions, physical limitations or just aging itself, keeping up with housekeeping can be a struggle for seniors at home.

A clean home is both a comfort to seniors emotionally and a safeguard to them physically. Unkempt, cluttered and dirty homes create unique health hazards for seniors. Keeping living areas clean, clutter free, well organized and free of potential hazards such as loose rugs and sharp edges is critical for seniors living at home.

We also know that being comfortable at home means more than just clean floors and dishes. That’s why our home services include all the little details that keep your house feeling like home, such as caring for plants, taking out the garbage, overseeing deliveries and maintenance and caring for your pets.

We’re passionate about keep your loved one comfortable and safe with home services that include:
●    General cleaning
●    Vacuuming
●    Dusting
●    Cleaning floors
●    Washing dishes
●    Laundry and ironing
●    Changing beds
●    Caring for houseplants
●    Taking out the garbage
●    Overseeing home deliveries and home maintenance
●    Caring for pets, including feeding, exercising and much more