Sometimes, personal hygiene is one of the first areas where it quickly becomes evident that you or a loved one needs assistance. Maybe you don’t the mobility you used to have to be able to wash, dry and style your hair, apply makeup or bathe properly. Maybe you’ve noticed a senior loved one is having trouble eating, moving, changing clothes or staying clean.

Safe Seniors Home Care steps in to bridge personal care gaps. Whether that means showering and bathing or turning, lifting or feeding, our services are always provided with the dignity and respect you and your loved ones deserve to keep feeling your best.

Our personal care services include:
●    Grooming (hair care, shaving, teeth cleaning/dentures, makeup application, dressing)
●    Hygiene (Tub, bed or sponge baths; showers; toileting activities)
●    Movement (Turning, lifts, transfers, exercising, walking)
●    Eating or feeding
●    Monitoring of vital signs, such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration and more

Looking and feeling your best shouldn’t be a casualty of aging.
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